Linda Barr M.Ed.

Linda holds a Master’s Degree in Education. She taught in public schools for eighteen years as a classroom teacher, special education teacher, and reading specialist.

Frustrated by the lack of scientific information in reading instruction finding its way into the classroom, Linda decided that providing dyslexia education and private reading therapy was the best way to make a difference. AZ Dyslexia center was created for this purpose. Our therapists are experienced teachers and dyslexia specialists who will provided education therapy, academic testing and advocacy support.

Linda strongly believes that teaching is both an art and a science and that the science part is often missed for struggling readers. There are now over forty years of solid evidence that directs our instruction to allow all children to become successful readers and writers.

Linda has served as:

  • Past President of the International Dyslexia Association AZ
  • Special Education Consultant for the Children’s Center for Neuropsychological Rehabilitation at St. Joseph’s Hospital
  • Executive Director at Arizona Literacy & Learning Center
  • Research partner with ASU and T-Gen on dyslexia genome project
  • Adjunct Professor for Arizona State University and Rio Salado College
  • Member of the professional group that created the Arizona State Literacy Plan

Linda is known for her:

  • Interviews with NBC, ABC and PBS providing information about dyslexia.
  • Nationally recognized speaker on dyslexia and the reading process. She has presented nationally for the International Dyslexia Association, The Council for Exceptional Children, at Arizona State University and Northern Arizona University as well as at many local conferences.
  • Provided training for a school publishing company and as a staff development instructor for Gilbert Public School.
  • Co-author of A Model for Supplementing Reading Instruction for Young Children with Behavioral Risk Factors.

Linda believes that all children deserve the right to learn to their potential. Children can be taught to read given the correct instruction.

We Are The Difference