We help the whole family through the process of ‘discovering’ dyslexia, deciding on a course of action, navigating the school system and finding the path to allow your child to achieve his potential.

This path can be very difficult at times and having someone who is knowledgeable and cares about you, your child and working with the school system is helpful. The key members of this team have your child’s interests at heart. However, each party approaches the task from a different point of view. This can be the reason communication breaks down.

The task of AZ Dyslexia Center is to help you throughout this process. Our services include

  • phone consultations
  • records review
  • your legal rights
  • helping you to understand test scores
  • how to maintain records
  • how to approach your child’s school
  • how you should ask for services
  • what you can expect the school to do and what they may not be required to do
  • attend school meetings with you to facilitate communication and understanding

As your partner, we can help you to understand the often confusing language of schools


‘We are the Difference”